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The coronavirus keeps as all worrying about the coming future.

The present situation makes it for one man businesses and Interim Manager very difficult.

The automotive industry is cutting down on capacity, which dose make it difficult for People working in interim business.

But if all work together it could cover the difficult time which lie ahead.

There certainly also opportunities where we can support each other.

Just have a look how you could support a college. Maybe through fulfilling additional work capacities, additional needed capacity or even in other ways, If you're working together with your customers there often additional inquiries.

Now I would like to use this opportunity and make everyone aware of myself, because right now I'm also looking for a new mandate.

Because my professional work was not only in the automotive industry, therefore I hope to find an assignment in other industries.

My services I offer manly in the fields of Maintenance, Project Management and in Supply Chain Management.

Here I can support for equipment planning, layout planing and material flow planning.

For plant extensions and production relocation.

As well as optimization in technical and organizational processes.

On my website you can find more information about all this.

Have a look and browse through the pages on my website to get some impression of my profession and about myself.

The most experience I have in plastic injection, because I changed right after my apprenticeship in to this industry.

The plastic injection followed me through my entire professional career.

Starting as Shift Leader adjusting machines, through production manager, manager industrial engineering, project manager, supply chain manager, technical director till my last assignment as department manager maintenance.

As I already mentioned you can find more information on my website including my profile to download. I try to keep the files always up to date.

Stay healthy and all the best for you.

In regards, Peter Schmidt

Please leave me your comments, thank you.

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